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Release time:2022-04-01
According to the Mastercard survey, 74% of customers are willing to use contactless payments in the future. Consumers’ payment preferences and the social distancing concept force businesses to offer contactless payment options. Given that, the smart POS that enables contactless payment has emerged as a popular solution for all businesses.
Smart POS for contactless payments
Today, contactless payment options contain a wide range of solutions including tap-to-pay, mobile wallets, QR code payment, face payment, etc that allow customers to complete the purchase without direct contact with staff and avoid virus spread from cash transactions.

How does contactless payment benefit business?
、Attract more consumers to go to the store. As contactless payment delivers a more comfortable in-store transaction experience, it helps businesses to enhance consumer confidence in in-store shopping and easier to attract more consumers to go back to the physical store.

2、Satisfy consumer payment demand and grasp growth opportunities. Nowadays, consumers’ behavior and attitudes toward cashless payment have strengthened than ever before as they long for fast and secure payment and expect to enjoy contactless service when shopping in physical stores. Given that, businesses that deliver contactless payment will embrace a huge growth opportunity.

3、Enhance business competitiveness. When businesses focus on implementing smart point of sale that supports contactless payments, there is a dual benefit. By leaning on advanced contactless payment pos, the business can not only satisfy customer contactless payment habits but also provide more useful services. Equipped with contactless payment software, more functions can be done.

4、Reduce payment risk and secure transaction. The contactless payment is relatively secure and good to reduce the risk of cash transactions as well as fight against identity thieves or credit card mules. Data can go from the customer’s mobile device directly to the payment processing solution and do not pass through the merchant’s system, thus ensuring all payments are secure. That is one of the crucial factors when it comes to taking payment.

5. Promote customers’ loyalty
When businesses begin to use digitalized payments, they open the door to promote digital promotion and accurate marketing. No matter customer loyalty program or brand image can be easily enhanced with personalized mobile marketing techniques such as couponing and location-based marketing. In this way, the business can better reach its audience.

How does Ciontek's contactless payment smart POS help businesses gain more benefits?
Customer experience is a top priority when it comes to providing products and services in every business. That’s because the user experience is a key factor that would determine whether the business operation is appropriate and satisfy their demand and reach their expectation. And the contactless payment smart POS is the tool that connects customers and businesses in the store.

With the mission to create a colorful future and assist the business to gain more benefit, Ciontek rolls out advanced 
contactless payment POS CS30 PRO. How can Ciontek contactless payment POS help businesses gain more benefits, we can start by knowing the advantages of it.

Smart POS increases sales
The contactless payment POS CS30 PRO features a 6.0-inch screen. The highly sensitive touch screen empowers multi-touch control. Even under the semi-outdoor scene, the extra-high brightness setting can make it clear.

Superb Performance
Equipped with industrial-leading Android 10 system, Qualcomm Octa-Core ARM Cortex-A53 1.8GHz CPU, Ciontek contactless payment POS access to the cost-effective solution with faster running, stronger compatibility, improved power performance, higher graphics capability, better quality images as well as more flexible operation.

Quick Charging Base
You worry about the power of the contactless payment POS can be eliminated as there is extraordinary power management design

ensures a full day duration inside the machine. The charging dock allows you to charge the POS device while making the transaction at the counter.

Rapid printing
Compared with traditional POS, We equiped with Thermal printer from japan seiko, the printing speed of the contactless payment POS is increased by up to 15%. In addition, it allows receipt printing, web-page printing, BT printing and other printing types. You can print whatever you need with just one single machine and need not purchase another printer.

Advanced Scanner
Featuring an advanced 2D scanner/Zebra 4710 to meet different requirements, the contactless payment POS can read different barcode labels from standard to very high density, paper to on-screen, normal to damaged label. Besides, the self-developed scanning technology and professional hard decoding empower fast scanning speed, accurate recognition rate, and strong compatibility.

Stable Communication
To avoid the poor signal in the store, the contactless payment POS support full coverage of communication such as 4G Netcom, Wi-Fi, BT, etc. Given that, smoother and more reliable data transmission can be achieved, better ensure the normal transaction in the store.

App Store and MDM Platform
Undoubtedly, the self-developed mobile device management (MDM) platform can help you solve the difficulty of developing a platform, and allow you to use it as soon as possible. In the MDM platform, you can enjoy real-time device management, private applications, app market, firmware upgrade, advertising, account management, LOG, and other services. In addition, we can provide you with the APP store to download the software you need.

If you want to maximize present your brand uniqueness, a customized solution is a good choice. With years of root in customization, we can provide you professional customized solutions from inside to outside such as hardware, software, screen printing, color, packaging materials, etc, The mobile point of sale can be the representative of your business.

While contactless payments create a positive transactional experience, the contactless payment POS can also assist your business gain more benefits and enhancing business competitiveness by delivering customers a seamless and amazing payment journey.

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