smart POS system for Transport

Long Bus ticket validator solution, in which the Android smart POS act as the control device for broadcast/payment/control/Remote communication with back server via 4G. Several Linux validator terminals are connected to Android POS via LAN.

Smart POS for transportation systems
Smart POS for buses

As for normal bus, the smart POS is also a comprehensive hardware platform for ticket validation, namely one device for Broadcast/ticket print/payment/Remote control via 4G wireless. Other attractive Androids features for drivers may be installed, such as google map.

Intelligent POS for buses
smart POS system for New Retail

Android ecosystem + innovative Fintech business mode bring accessible & affordable financial services to undeveloped region. 3G/4G mobile network extend service coverage, thermal printer/2D scanner support more scenarios/Android OS enables multi apps on one smart POS terminal and OTA capability/. Moreover ergonomic product design and high quality are essential.

Smart POS for new retail
Intelligent POS for new retail
Smart POS for supermarkets

Moreover, Android POS + BTC payment= X payment for region who need an international, reliable and stable payment platform. More blockchain digital coin are supported by this general platform.

One-stop payment

For client use Stripe/IC/NFC bankcard from Visa/Mastercard/Amex/China Unionpay, the CS10/CS20/CS50 will be right choice, more over its rear camera will be your convenient choice of QR Code payment scenario.

For client only use QR code and NFC payment, the CS30/CS20 will be your portable and cost-efficient choice.

Smart POS for one-stop payment
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