Problems and Challenges

  Salesman still uses notebook to note down informations which may not be clear and accurate.

  Improve the salesman professionalism, acquire client’s information in time, and adjust marketing strategy are the demands.


  Mobile sale management solution is a informational management solution specifically for the fast industry salesman. The solution is based on information share platform and wireless handheld terminal that integrates marketing policy and announcement inquiry, client visiting, order management, delivery and payment. It improves salesman efficiency, gives the headquarter the right client information, and helps to make in-time marketing strategy adjustment. Urovo aims at increasing competitiveness in the world market.

        Project flow


       (1)Information share platform: Headquarter can release news and announcement at any time, and staffs can inquire and reply personal tasks in time to communicate. Salesmen can also copy and share their informations.

  (2)Store information management: In situations, salesman can search, add, modify or logout the store settings.

  (3)Visiting information management: Salesman can plan for the visit in advance, and record and update store image, storage in visiting.

  (4)Order information management:Salesman can add, search, modify, delete orders, receive payment and record information. In case of inquiry, all goods can be scanned and pictured before delivery.


  (1)Information speed-up: Salesmen can view announcement and policy at any time to adjust work. They can also update their captured information.

  (2)Information accuracy: Salesman can record their work in visiting, and make conclusion through wireless.

  (3)High-quality visiting: Salesman can prepare visit in advance, and adjust the plan in visiting. The profession improves the company image.

  (4)Assessment objectivity: The company support salesman’s work and verify the assessment objectivity through the network