Problems and Challenges

  As the maturest and the most promising application, e-commerce has a core status in the industry chain. Weak response to the market change, and low accuracy is the bottleneck. Tracking and tracing weakness, slow information flow, not timely customer feedback are the main problems.


  “E-Commerce Logistics Distribution Solution” is a multifunctional system aim at e-commerce logistics distribution industry. Through PDA mobile terminal device, the solution achieves the coverage of e-commerce logistics distribution chain from ordering, pickup, transportation, assignment to delivery and signature update. Managers can monitor the staff’s delivery position and route from the system.

      Handheld terminal in Logistic Distribution Flow

      (1) Operation Management in Warehouse Center

  Receiving Process – with Handheld computer, you can print out label; real time scan/record warehouse goods information, verify against receipt information, and the system will automatically save the goods information which were scanned. 
     Sorting Process – The system will automatically prompt the related information about the goods, and automatically update the information accordingly. 
     Delivery Process – System prompts detail of the order, such as delivery staff and order listing. Effectively process the warehouse transfer management.

  (2) Goods Delivery Process Management

  Distribution Process – by using handheld computer, the process of the transportation of goods will be recorded systematically. Manager and customers can check real-time cargo information through the system. Effectively monitor and supervise the manpower in the management of distribution process.

  (3) Goods Receipt Management

  Signature Goods Receipt Process – by using hand-held computer, delivery staff can immediately transmit the signature of goods receipt information to database, and the administrator would be able to understand the goods status when received.


    (1) Accurate and efficient delivery, real-time tracking, transparent delivery process 
  (2) Reduce the information delay and poor type-in order 
  (3) Manage storage, transportation and delivery effectively 
  (4) Sign and refund easily, enhance corporate image.